Why do I need a Luxury Property Broker?

Buying or selling a high-end property or a grand estate can be a complex and time consuming process, especially on an island with so many to offer. You can spend endless hours on search engines and   property platforms or you can contact a specialized broker.

What distinguishes a luxury real estate broker from an ordinary one: First of all, he understands the real estate needs and lifestyle requirements of high-net worth individuals and is very selective and demanding with his property portfolio. He is a professional negotiator, an international networker, a marketing expert and always driven to meet the highest standard of excellence.

Negotiations, financing, currency exchange, insurance plus all of the paperwork are the things you want to leave in experts hands. Close relations with top banks, mortgage brokers, lawyers and authorities form the basis of why you should always work with a luxury real estate agent.

This is also the case when selling your luxury home in Mallorca. The successful sale of a luxury property begins with the right broker based on discretion, market knowledge, international connections and most importantly, a continued success in luxury property transactions. Don’t leave the choice of your broker to chance.

Breezedays Private Cruise

Breezedays Private Cruise

The big names of the cruise industry such as AIDA, MSC and many more, are all so familiar. The desire to explore oceans and countries from the comfort of a cruise ship continues unabated and is growing in popularity year on year. The size of the ships themselves also continues to grow, increasingly becoming floating cities.

A completely different approach has been taken by "breezedays private cruise": Instead of developing ever larger ships, which stick to a rigid timetable and forfeit a degree of privacy and flexibility, "breezedays private cruise" focuses exclusively on offering an experience that is "private, flexible and luxurious".

With a fleet of brand new motor yachts ranging in size up to 20 metres, plenty of space in the 3 cabins for up to 6 people, extremely comfortable and luxurious furnishings, and highly praised cuisine, "breezedays private cruise" redefines the notion of cruising.

With its unique and innovative cruise concept, "breezedays private cruise" satisfies the demand for individuality, utmost privacy, comfort and luxury while at the same time offering all the amenities of a 5-star hotel in terms of food, drink and service. Instead of sharing a cruise ship with fellow travellers in hundreds of cabins, "breezedays private cruise" provides an exclusive experience for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Mallorca

Given the many spectacular highlights that Mallorca has to offer, the 260 plus beaches and bays of the island, many of which are among the finest in Europe, are just the icing on the cake. The variety of bathing opportunities in Mallorca never fails to impress. The Playa de Muro beach in the north of the island is regularly listed in the top ten of Europe's most beautiful beaches in the rankings of the biggest travel websites. This extensive beach, with white sand and magnificent views of the ocean and the adjacent Tramuntana Mountains, offers one of the loveliest beach panoramas on the island. The perfect place to enjoy a sundowner is at the Miama Beach Club, from whose rooftop terrace you can drink in the perfect views of the Bay of Alcudia.

Those who prefer a smaller, more secluded spot will also find their perfect beach: Hidden under pine trees is the Cala Cap Falcó in the district of Calvià, located in the highly desirable south-west of the island. Not only does the bay offer great swimming, but also cool drinks and tasty snacks at the beach bar. With your feet dangling in the water, you can finish the day with fresh fish and a glass of wine: A little touch of luxury for individualists.

Nature lovers are in for a real treat in Son Serra de Marina. This natural beach close to Artà in the north-east of Mallorca offers plenty of space and fantastic views. In the cult bar of "El Sol", right at the entrance to the beach, reservations are recommended. You will be rewarded with delicious food and a really special, relaxed atmosphere with views along the beach.

A classic in the south-east of Mallorca, but always worth the trip, is the Cala Mondragó, a double bay in the middle of a nature reserve with crystal clear water and surrounded by pine trees. Two beach restaurants offer an authentic beach feeling, complete with an informal atmosphere and good Spanish cuisine. The whole world comes together here, from urban lifestyle couples to Spanish families, all in a casual ambience with beautiful views of the bay.

Mallorca´s Most Expensive Properties

Mallorca´s Most Expensive Properties

Last year saw a very active property market with many multi-million euro homes being sold and this year is expected to be even better. It seems the ‘super rich’ have discovered Mallorca as a new hotspot. Offering more discretion than Ibiza, St Tropez and Marbella, Mallorca is proving to be increasingly popular. Having said that, you can’t hide a palatial property in a prime location! Although you can certainly offer enough “playtime” if you have the money to spend – the finest in gastronomy, yachting and of course the most glamorous parties to please the most discerning of guests too.

Buyers are predominantly coming from Switzerland, UK, Germany and Scandinavia but we are also seeing more and more buyers from further afield such as China, the Middle East and the US.

As one of Mallorca’s leading luxury real estate brokers we have access to the island’s finest gems. To list just a few examples, Finest Selection is offering these three exceptional high end properties: Villa Gaudí, a spectacular estate overlooking the Port of Andratx, for 17 Million Euros. A stunning country estate in the beautiful area of Valldemossa with over 80 bedrooms, 3 millions square meters land and an asking price of 25 Million or a Belle-Etage apartment in Palma´s historical city center for almost 10 Million. High net worth individuals will always seek the best of the best, and Mallorca's property market won’t fail to impress.

Considering that luxury property sales increased by 43 % in 2016, Mallorca is a safe haven for real estate investments. There has been an increasing number of new developments in the most sought-after regions, some offered at two-digit prices. Multi-million dollar listings are also going in the areas of Son Vida, Puerto Andratx and Bendinat as well as the West coast. Here at Finest Selection Group we have a track record of record breaking sales and selling unique one-of-a-kind properties in the most illustrious addresses in Mallorca. This comes as no surprise when you consider Founder and Managing Director Luis Heymann has over two decades of sales experience in the high-end property market. Often the most expensive island homes are off-market but the luxury agent Finest Selection will open doors to any of the most superlative of homes.

The best of the best in real estate 2017

The best of the best in real estate 2017

This award is the ultimate accolade. BELLEVUE, Europe’s largest real estate magazine, has been bestowing “BEST PROPERTY AGENTS” awards to nominated real estate companies from Germany and all over the world since 2006. In receiving this year’s coveted seal of quality, the twelfth time the award has been bestowed since its creation, Finest Selection Luxury Real Estate Group from Palma is now ranked alongside the finest real estate companies in the world.

The BELLVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENTS award is the industry’s only independent quality certification in the real estate branch and is renowned both nationally and internationally. Each year anew, a six-person jury composed of prominent professionals from the real estate branch and BELLEVUE editors review and select which companies have earned the distinction.

Integrity, experience, objective advice, market knowledge, quality, range and diversity of offerings, as well as after-sales services are amongst the most important criteria. “We are pleased to have received this distinction and we are very proud that our work has been so prominently acknowledged in this manner. The award is a recognition of our many years of hard work, our broad competence and our special customer service,” said M. Luis Heymann, Managing Director of Finest Selection.

Investing in Luxury Island Lifestyle

Your safest investment is in high quality real estate – Consider Mallorca as one of the most attractive property markets in Europe.

Investing in real estate has become first choice for most investors. As property markets in northern Europe have become swamped, investors are now looking further south for alternatives, whilst still considering a certain lifestyle in mind.

In searching for a safe haven for your money it’s not only important to see your investment grow but by including a desirable lifestyle you can ensure the entire package is attractive too. Considering important factors such as good infrastructure, connectivity, safety, entertainment and available activities all contribute to the best possible investment in Mallorca.

Why invest on this paradise island? Other than renowned luxury property markets around the Mediterranean such as the Cote D’Azur, Ibiza, Marbella or Sardinia, Mallorca stands out with the longest season, excellent flight connections and an exquisite island lifestyle second to none – but most of all, Mallorca is considered to have one of the most stable property markets with no signs of letting up.

Demand for high-end properties in prime locations such as Son Vida, Puerto Andratx, Bendinat and Puerto Portals as well as large country estates are higher than ever before; 2016 was a boom for the real estate industry and 2017 is expected to follow suit with drawing even higher numbers of luxury real estate buyers from Europe and overseas. Finest Selection Real Estate Group’s reputation for excellence is based on our ability to match the most demanding clients with one of a kind homes making us one of the leading luxury real estate brokers in Mallorca.

We have limited our property portfolio to only include homes with the highest standards in building quality, location and positive trends in prices. We are dedicated to find the perfect property for your demanding lifestyle and our highly trained brokers are committed to exceed your expectations for a secure, sustainable investment.

Are you a large-scale investor considering Mallorca? Who do you turn to other than an award-winning real estate firm with over 20 years of local expertise in the luxury property and development sector? It goes without saying that discretion is our key word.

Feel free to come and meet us and learn more about both our current and future investment possibilities on this island and make 2017 a successful year combining secure investments with a sophisticated island lifestyle. 

Another record year for luxury property draws to a close – the next is already taking shape

Another record year for luxury property draws to a close – the next is already taking shape

Before the time of contemplation begins on Majorca, the property industry on the island can expect very positive results. For homebuyers and sellers, an extremely successful year is drawing to a close. Unlike anywhere else in Spain, the property market on Majorca boomed in 2016, with growth rates of up to 36% compared with the previous year.

Luxury properties recorded particularly high increases. In the high-end segment, traders on the island achieved growth of up to 80%, according to media reports. This rise in demand was once again thanks to an increase in customers from abroad – Brits and German customers in particular were heavily represented in the high-price segment. Across the country, the Balearic Islands remain the undisputed number one when it comes to property sales to foreigners.

The classics from previous years keep their reputation as the most sought-after locations on Majorca, from Palma's prestigious Son Vida to the south west with the hotspots of Calvià and Andratx and its properties extending into the multi-millions.

And this boom in the luxury property market is not expected to slow down in 2017. On the contrary: "Luxury property in Majorca's south west will continue to experience heavy demand. After record sales in 2016, strong demand is also expected in the coming year, especially from foreign buyers," confirms Luis Heymann from the Finest Selection Group. Correspondingly, prices will continue to increase from an already high level. The statistics confirm this assessment.

In light of economic developments and low interest rates, property purchases continue to remain highly attractive, especially in stable regions like Majorca. "The island is now without a doubt a luxury destination and one of the most sought-after property markets in Europe," says Mr Heymann. This has not gone unnoticed in other parts of the world. Over the last year, more buyers from overseas have turned their attention to Majorca. And international interest is set to rise further in the future, as new long-haul flight connections are planned from Palma's airport. Majorca is already easy to reach via Barcelona and Madrid, which is reflected by increasing passenger numbers, particularly from the American continent. 

Are you considering moving to Mallorca? Instead of just thinking about it, come and live your dream!

For more than 13 million tourists each year, Mallorca is a veritable island paradise: 3,640 square kilometres with more than 200 picturesque bays, white beaches, romantic villages and picturesque walking trails through the UNESCO-protected Tramuntana Mountains.

But in recent years Mallorca has become far more than just a wonderful holiday destination: It is now seen as an attractive place to live, on a par with many top international locations. The domestic property market is profiting from this development. Alongside the traditionally strong influx of buyers from Germany and Britain, more and more French and Scandinavian devotees of the island are looking for properties on Mallorca, and recently there has also been a marked increase in demand in the luxury segment, for properties worth two million euros or more. The prime locations for the purchase of a luxury property are the environs of the elegant Palma suburb of Son Vida and the south-western part of the island, with Puerto Andratx as a hotspot. With the right advice, any investment here in real estate costing upwards of two million euros is sure to hold its value, not least because the property market on the island is one of the best established and most mature in the entire Mediterranean region. That results in a high degree of legal certainty - an important factor for the international clientele, along with professional advice and transaction handling. Over many years, Mallorca has developed the relevant infrastructure, ranging from multi-lingual brokers to banking staff with mortgage expertise and lawyers well-versed in property law. There are many specialist offices on the island - the so-called gestorías - which provide support with all administrative issues and ensure that the sale progresses smoothly in any language.

Some of the issues can be complex, which is why it is worth getting expert help. New-builds, in particular, are subject to stringent requirements on Mallorca. This entails a great deal of administration, although the legislation is there to ensure that the charming scenery of the island is maintained and the existing property continues to increase in value.

The other features that make the island so attractive are becoming ever more important to the international clientele in light of the latest political developments: namely a general sense of security and the peaceful cohabitation of various nationalities. A high standard of living is ensured by the presence of excellent international schools, international medical professionals and an outstanding healthcare provision. Naturally, the famous Mediterranean way of life also plays a major role in the popularity of Mallorca. In culinary terms, the island really does have something for every taste, from traditional hearty island dishes such as Arroz brut, Frito Mallorquí or Tumbet through to award-winning international cuisine. And a sundowner enjoyed in an exclusive beach club such as Niki Beach in Calvià or Nassau Beach and Anima Beach in Palma must surely count as one of life's greatest pleasures.  Three large and luxurious shopping centres, including the new Fan shopping complex near the airport, tempt shoppers in before or after a visit to the beach.

The high quality of life on the island is widely recognised around the world, which means that Mallorca has become increasingly international in recent years. The island's capital, Palma, which boasts one of Europe's biggest marinas, has developed into a cosmopolitan metropolis that easily bears comparison with other European cities.  Whatever you are looking for - the hustle and bustle of the capital, the spectacular panoramic views of the ocean in all its facets, or the peace and serenity of the mountains and the countryside, Mallorca has something for everyone.

Festive atmosphere and top investment climate on Mallorca

Festive atmosphere and top investment climate on Mallorca

Late summer in Mallorca brings a very special atmosphere to the island as the hordes of tourists gradually start to ease off, the temperatures dip slightly in the evenings in particular, and the Mallorcan natives celebrate their traditional festivals all over the island. Those in the know wait for this time of year to visit the island and attend fashionable events such as the Sunset Market at Puerto Portals. The market's stalls are open every Wednesday and Thursday evening from 6pm until 1am at the glamorous harbour in the south-west of Majorca, and the market itself runs until 8 September. A stylish mix of jewellery stalls, cocktail bars, live music and DJs make it the perfect place to take a stroll.

More traditional entertainment can be found at the festival of Sant Bartomeu, which runs from 17 to 27 August in Capdepera, or at the lively Fiesta Rei d'en Jaume in Santa Ponça on 5 September. At this festival in the popular coastal resort in the south-west of Mallorca, a re-enactment is staged of the landing of King Jaume I in 1229 in the form of a battle with the Moors. The two sides soon overcome their differences, however, and end up partying late into the night along with the visitors.

For those who prefer things a little quieter, there are also plenty of cultural offerings in Mallorca during these final weeks of the summer. For example: the Deià International Music Festival enjoys an excellent reputation well beyond the island's shores, and will be taking place on 1 September this year. Alcúdia's international music festival also takes place on 27 August.

Fans of open-air film screenings will enjoy the "Cinema a la fresca" series in Palmas Parc de la Mar. A total of 32 films will be screened before the magnificent façade of the cathedral, with screenings running until 10 September.

It is thus well worth visiting Mallorca during this period if you want not just to experience the island's diverse culture, but also to make a stable property investment. As a reader of our blog, you are presumably interested in purchasing a luxury property - so we recommend that you make the most of this opportunity now. Mallorca has seen increased demand for luxury properties worth over two million euros during the first half of 2016 in particular - ranging from villas with spectacular sea-views to fincas enjoying wonderful inland panoramas.

Why not combine pleasure with pragmatism by enjoying the wide range of festivities and cultural events on Mallorca while the temperatures are relatively mild, and at the same time keeping your eyes peeled for your personal dream property?

Why Mallorca’s ocean views are worth millions

Whether it is Hollywood star Brad Pitt, international investors or an American auction house: the media have recently been full of reports of spectacular house purchases on Mallorca. And not without reason. The demand for luxury property in Mallorca’s prime locations is greater than it has been for years. 

More than ever, buyers in the luxury sector are looking for the right location and unrestricted ocean views. Along with the desirable southwest of the island, Palma’s districts of Son Vida and Portixol are back in the top rankings. However, actual coastal locations are limited – it’s no secret that Mallorca is an island, and that is reflected in the price. Over the last few years, the demand for villas with ocean views has already outstripped supply. And in 2015 the average prices on the island rose by a further seven percent, which is more than any other region of Spain.

This is exactly the right time to purchase one of the most desirable luxury properties on Mallorca. The Finest Selection Group has many years of experience in the luxury segment and would be happy to find your dream property.

A Finest Selection Group Development: The Portals Hills Boutique Hotel

The “Miami meets Mallorca” project was the brain child of Finest Selection Group owner Luis Heymann, and the idea behind the Portals Hills Boutique Hotel in Puerto Portals was to create an upscale hotel with a unique design inside and out.

As such Mallorca's first Condo hotel was born, allowing investors the opportunity to acquire a suite within the property, indulge in cutting edge design along with high-class service whilst gaining rental income when away. This concept serves the most demanding travellers and luxury property investors alike.

Building quality has always been paramount in our projects along with a thoroughly competent and professional team of architects, interior designers, project managers, lawyers and fiscal advisors on board to guarantee the best results and profitable investments.



Located just minutes from the chic Puerto Portals on the coast of Calvià, the most sought after area of the island, the project took off in 2013. Creating outstanding architecture that fused Art Deco elements with Mediterranean flair, the Finest Selection Group Development won various international property awards in the "New Small Hotel Counstruction and Design" as well as "Residential Development for Spain" categories.

Together with Jo Kiefer, Architect of renowned ICAZAR Architects in Palma, the Miami-inspired Portals Hills Boutique Hotel has been featured in many architectural, design and luxury hospitality publications/media and often mentioned as Mallorca's most precious hotel gem. The combination of timeless elegance set in a prime location makes the Portals Hills Boutique Hotel is a must-visit destination unto itself when visiting the island. We are proud of a masterpiece development like the Portals Hills Boutique Hotel and having set new standards in the hotel and luxury real estate industry in Mallorca.

Official website

How your own dream hotel can become reality

How your own dream hotel can become reality

You own a villa, and perhaps even a yacht or a private jet but have you ever thought of owning your own hotel? A stylish country hotel in the Mallorcan countryside has its own particular charm. Or a fashionable town house in the island’s capital of Palma can be transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel. The dreams of future hoteliers are every bit as diverse as the opportunities offered on this versatile island.

One thing is clear: If the dream of owning a hotel in Mallorca is to become a reality with as little stress as possible, choosing the right partner is essential. The hotel brokers of the Finest Selection Group have access to the widest range of hotel properties in Mallorca. In addition, from the start they look after the right choice of location, the legal issues and the structural possibilities while ensuring the sale goes through smoothly - often a complex process in the hotel sector.

Being able to read the market and knowing which hoteliers are likely to wish to sell are priceless skills. The main priority in the seemingly impenetrable world of hotel real estate is to find an interesting property that will keep its value. Equally important is the ability to cast an experienced eye at a property that has never been considered as a hotel but which has great potential. This requires an established network of contacts and a great deal of experience, all of which is part of our know-how. After all, we also have experienced hoteliers in our team. All this expertise is put at your disposal when you choose the Finest Selection Brokerage.

What is your dream hotel like? Do you prefer Purist architecture with discreet luxury, a smart, traditional hotel with stucco ceilings or a design hotel with ocean views? The Finest Selection Group makes your dreams of owning your own hotel in Mallorca come true. Count on more than 20 years’ experience and a reliable network in the world of hotel property. 

Visit our website: http://www.mallorca-hotelbroker.com

Experience the Marine Lifestyle

It is one of the most important boat shows in the Mediterranean: The Palma Boat Show. From 28 April to 2 May, suppliers of luxury yachts, high quality accessories and nautical services will once more come together between the Muelle Viejo dock and the fishing port. Anyone interested in discovering the latest trends or finding out what innovative suppliers have come up with to make life on board even more comfortable will find plenty of inspiration at the Palma Boat Show. The five days are expected to attract more than 40,000 visitors.

The sea air gives you an appetite, so Palma‘s celebrity chef Marc Fosh will be on hand to serve up some culinary delicacies. Yacht delivery companies will also be showing off their tasty range of services at the Palma Boat Show.

This popular meeting of the yachting and boating fraternity in the Balearic capital is now in its 33rd year. This year the Superyacht Show is once again being held in parallel, offering a selection of the world’s most spectacular sailing and motor yachts over 24 metres in length. The main attraction of the Superyacht Show is the opportunity it provides to get a closer view of these impressive craft, with masts scaling up to 60 metres in height. These large boats have become an important commercial factor in the Mallorcan economy, and some are regularly overhauled in the neighbouring shipyards. No wonder owners keep being drawn back to this island.

It goes without saying that this premium boat event also attracts an affluent audience. A fair few of the visitors already own or are actively looking to buy a high value property in Mallorca. It is clear that owners who want to use their yachts to explore the seas around Mallorca, enjoy its countless bays as well as the flair of its harbours are also likely to consider buying a luxury property on the island.

Potential buyers looking for a suitably attractive property and hoping for a smooth transaction are well advised to turn to the luxury estate agents with many years of market experience: The Finest Selection Group – based on the Paseo Marítimo in Palma with a direct view of the marina and the most beautiful boats in the Mediterranean. 



Many of us long to escape the cold winter months, and may find even the milder temperatures of Mallorca not sufficiently tempting. Luxury properties in the sun-drenched city of Miami are currently back in demand among European investors.

The epicentre of the rich and beautiful is one of the most desirable second home destinations in the world, and offers an unparalleled property market. This is not only due to the fact that it enjoys 300 days of sunshine each year and offers endless beaches, but also because top architects, interior designers and design companies have been working their magic in Miami over the last few years.

From the Porsche Design Tower and the Armani Residences to the FENDI Chateau Beach and Zaha Hadid's 1000 Museum, rich investors have the pick of the crop. Luxury real estate is the latest trend in Miami!

Equally high class is the diverse range of top quality restaurants, elegant shopping centres, and sporting and cultural events.

Apartment owners in Miami can expect the very best in terms of services and facilities. Gourmet cuisine, indoor and outdoor pools, spa facilities and fitness centres are standard in many buildings here, all naturally with an impeccable finish. Even a private concierge, a personal trainer or a shopping assistant can be hired with ease.

Miami is fast developing into a world-class city with optimum connections, state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent security, making an investment in a luxury property here a very attractive prospect. The prices of prime real estate are showing a promising upward trend and new apartments, even in the highest buildings, are usually sold out before they have been completed.

Finest Selection Real Estate brokers the most exclusive property in the best locations in Miami. Thanks to our expert local real estate advisors, we are always completely up to date and can provide you with professional advice in your language.

Visit our website: http://www.miami-finest.com/en/

The best of the best in real estate 2017


This award is the ultimate accolade. BELLEVUE, Europe’s largest real estate magazine, has been bestowing “BEST PROPERTY AGENTS” awards to nominated real estate companies from Germany and all over the world since 2006. In receiving this year’s coveted seal of quality, the eleventh time the award has been bestowed since its creation, Finest Selection Real Estate Group from Palma de Mallorca is now ranked alongside the finest real estate companies in the world.

The BELLVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENTS award is the industry’s only independent quality certification in the real estate branch and is renowned both nationally and internationally. Each year anew, a six-person jury composed of prominent professionals from the real estate branch and BELLEVUE editors review and select which companies have earned the distinction.

Integrity, experience, objective advice, market knowledge, quality, range and diversity of offerings, as well as after-sales services are amongst the most important criteria. “We are pleased to have received this distinction and we are very proud that our work has been so prominently acknowledged in this manner. The award is a recognition of our many years of hard work, our broad competence and our special customer service,” said M. Luis Heymann, Managing Direcor of Finest Selection.

Mallorca - the most sought-after destination for a second home

Palma was named “The best place to live” – by the British Sunday Times in early 2015. The article describes a trend: The island metropolis is booming, constantly opening new fine dining restaurants, designer shops and boutique hotels. As a shopper’s paradise and Europe’s largest old town, Palma is no longer a secret from tourists. Investors are moving in fast, buying up property in the old town to turn into luxury apartments or high class hotels, making Palma an even more attractive place to live.

The allure of the capital benefits the whole island. Mallorca isn’t only a popular destination to more than 13 million tourists a year but is becoming increasingly more appealing as a secondary residence for international buyers too. In addition to Brits, in recent years more Swiss, Swedes and French have also moved to this paradise island. According to press reports, real estate purchases from Sweden have increased by 70 percent in the past three years.

Mallorca has rapidly become a hotspot for the whole world. International schools and a variety of multilingual doctors offer the international community optimum conditions for settling long-term.

Culinary-wise Mallorca can easily rival other international hotspots too, offering the entire range of international cuisine and a range of amazing beach clubs. From a simple ‘menu del día’ right up to a Michelin star meal in one of the seven excellent restaurant, the choice is endless.

Needless to say this all has a very positive effect on Mallorca’s real estate market, which is on a massive growth course after the crisis of recent years. Experts agree that in the medium-term the island will establish itself as one of the world trendiest hotspots for real estate investment.

Who doesn’t dream of a property in Mallorca?

Who doesn’t dream of a property in Mallorca?

With 300 sunny days a year and excellent flight connections between most European countries, Mallorca is a paradise island accessible in just over two hours. With more than 200 pristine white sand beaches and unique Mediterranean nature, Mallorca offers exceptional variety unrivalled anywhere else. This clean, modern, developed region also provides exceptional safety thanks to its very low crime rate. Meanwhile offering a perfect infrastructure and excellent facilities such as international schools and multilingual doctors, this Balearic island boasts one of the highest, most stable property prices around. Buying property in Mallorca, especially in the highly sought-after South West region and Palma, is not only wise but a valuable investment for the future too.

Finest Selection Real Estate Group offers a handpicked portfolio of luxury properties in the most desired locations.

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